Saturday, August 20, 2011

BEGINNING: DeLorenzo's Dugout PANTHEON -- My Favorite People -- Part 1: JOHN C. REILLY

One of the most under-rated performers in movies today...From Gangs of New York to Walk Hard, John C. Reilly never fails to enterain me...Hoffa...Performing "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse as Dewey Cox...Cyrus to Cedar Rapids to Talladega Nights to Chicago to Boogie Nights to The Aviator to Magnolia to For Love of the Game (for Pete's sake, if they had just edited out the Kelly Preston stuff it would have been a great baseball movie)...He was nominated for the Academy Award for his performance in Chicago, he should have won it for Walk Hard...John C. Reilly edges out Vincent D'Onofrio and Val Kilmer for my first official DELORENZO'S DUGOUT PANTHEON listing...more to come...Check out another John C. Reilly video for a few laughs, too. By the way, he has an amazing singing voice.